Free ebook: A Guide to Continuous Performance Management

Examination of the traditional performance management model, combined with the changing expectations of the modern workforce in terms of feedback and development, has led to a great deal of innovation in the performance management space. The result? Continuous Performance Management.

This ebook will give you insight into:

  • What is Continuous Performance Management?
  • Challenges with traditional Performance Management
  • Benefits of adopting a Continuous Performance Management model
  • How to choose performance management software suppliers

Continuous Performance Management is one of the hottest topics in HR

Continuous Performance Management is one of the hottest topics in HR right now because it’s revolutionising the way businesses assess, and develop, their employees.

Deloitte's 2017 study into Human Capital Trends

Deloitte’s 2017 study into Human Capital Trends found that as many as 79% of executives rate performance management redesign as a high priority subject.

Creates an effective organisation

When continuous performance management is done well, it can completely overhaul the culture and effectiveness of your organisation.

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Who should read this ebook?

HR Managers, HR Process Owners, Senior Leadership, and anyone interested in learning more about Continuous Performance Management.

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Create efficiency in the workforce

Every single organisation - no matter the scale, industry, age, or culture - relies on the capability of its workforce to be effective, and ultimately, profitable. Update your current models!

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The real power of the Continuous Performance Management model lies in the additional value it generates over more traditional methods.

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